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Stream Ops StreamOps

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2019-07-20

The Stream Ops StreamOps class, com.nanosai.streamops.StreamOps, provides a convenient facade for the Stream Ops API. The StreamOps class can create the most commonly used components of the Stream Ops API. Thus, the StreamOps class is a good place to start, both when using Stream Ops, but also when exploring what you can do with Stream Ops and how it works.

In this tutorial we will only go over the components the StreamOps and related factory classes can create. The created objects are not explained here. They are explained in their own tutorials. There will be links to the corresponding tutorials from here where relevant.

Create a StreamStorageFactory

The Stream Ops stream storage engine consists of several classes. You can create instances of these classes via the new operator, or you can use a StreamStorageFactory. You can obtain a StreamStorageFactory via the StreamOps createStreamStorageFactory() method. Here is an example of creating a StreamStorageFactory via createStreamStorageFactory():

StreamStorageFactory streamStorageFactory = StreamOps.createStreamStorageFactory();

Create a StreamStorageFS

You can create a StreamStorageFS instance via the StreamStorageFactory createStreamStorageFS() method. Here is an example of creating a StreamStorageFS instance via the createStreamStorageFS() method:

StreamStorageFS streamStorageFS =
    streamStorageFactory.createStreamStorageFS("stream-id", "data/stream-id");

Create a StreamStorageRootFS

You can create a StreamStorageRootFS instance via the StreamStorageFactory createStreamStorageRootFS() method. Here is an example of creating a StreamStorageRootFS instance via the createStreamStorageRootFS method:

StreamStorageFactory streamStorageFactory = StreamOps.createStreamStorageFactory();

StreamStorageRootFS streamStorageRootFs =

Jakob Jenkov

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