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R Studio - Quick Tour

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2015-11-13

This tutorial will give you a quick tour of R Studio. There are many features in R Studio, so this tutorial will not cover them all. This tutorial will just give you an introduction to what you see when you start R Studio.

When you start R Studio for the first time, the R Studio window will look somewhat similar to this:

Screenshot of R Studio the first time you start it.

The R Studio application window is divided into 3 sections which I will explain below.

The big, left section is the "console". In the console you can type in R instructions and have them executed by R Studio. R instructions are also sometimes referred to as "commands" or "functions".

In the top right section you can see the data you are currently working on. In the beginning this section is empty because you have not loaded any data yet.

In the bottom right section you can see a whole lot other information, like files, the plots (diagrams) you have made from data, R packages, help information etc. In this section you will often be looking at plots of the data you are working on.

Sometimes you may write R code into separate files. These R source code files can be viewed in a "source" section. You can also view the content of data files in the source section. When the source section is open R Studio looks similar to this:

Screenshot of R Studio with the source section open.

As you can see, R Studio doesn't look so scary once you know a little about what the different sections of R Studio are used for. Later texts in this tutorial trail will go into deeper detail about specific R and R Studio features.

Jakob Jenkov

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