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More Readable and Maintainable Code

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2014-05-26

All those try-catch-finally clauses spread out in your code makes the code harder to read. An effective exception handling strategy can eliminate some of all this boilerplate code. This is done by only handling the exceptions in the place where you can actually do something about them, and by using exception handling templates. I will get into more detail about these topics later in this tutorial.

While cleaner code is definitely nice, it is not nearly as important as keeping the application alive, and notifying the right people about errors. Skeptics may claim that with cleaner code it is easier to assure application survival, and this I cannot deny. Some of the techniques discussed in this tutorial will both make application survival easier, and clean up the code. Whether one is a byproduct of the other, or vice versa really isn't that important.

Jakob Jenkov

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