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Chronicle Tutorial

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2016-01-28

Chronicle is a suite of high performance libraries to make it easier to process data in low latency, high throughput environments. The Chronicle libraries support sub-micro-seconds persistence, interprocess communication, serialization / deserialization, parsing and generating messages in Binary formats, FIX, JSON, Yaml and CSV. Chronicle also support remote access, data replication, traffic shaping and compression.

Chronicle is designed for high performance, but the most common use case is for customisable persistence, processing and distribution of data.

Here is an overview of the Chronicle components:

Chronicle Component Overview

The components in Green are licenced under the LGPLv3. The top components in Blue have commercial licenses.

The oldest components are around 4 years old. Chronicle Enterprise and Chronicle FIX were released this year. A significant percentage of Investment Banks and Trading Houses using Java use Chronicle. Chronicle is also used at a number Hedge Funds as well as companies outside Finance.

You can find Chronicle here:

Chronicle Website
Chronicle on GitHub

Chronicle has many contributors, but the principal driver of the Chronicle development is Higher Frequency Trading Ltd, a UK software company specialized in financial trading software.

Jakob Jenkov

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