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Stream Ops StreamOps Facade Class

The StreamOps class in the Stream Ops data streaming API is a convenience facade class that can act as a starting point when using Stream Ops.

JavaFX SplitMenuButton

The JavaFX SplitMenuButton is an advanced MenuButton which can have an extra, often used menu choice available to click on directly, as a side-mounted button.

JavaFX ScrollPane

A JavaFX ScrollPane is a container that has two scrollbars around the component it contains if the component is larger than the visible area of the ScrollPane. The scrollbars enable the user to scroll around the component shown inside the ScrollPane, so different parts of the component can be seen.

Java Properties

The Java Properties class is a simple key,value store, like a Hashtable. The Java Properties class can write properties to disk and read them again, in both property file format and XML format.

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